NaNo Update: 11/11 – 11/18

Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

Early in the month, I was well ahead of my writing schedule – that is, until I finished my story tens of thousands of words earlier than I expected it to. I gave the whole draft a read, and while I determined that a few thousand more words would develop it more, it would be to the story’s detriment if I tried to force it to become a novel. As it stands, that draft is a novella.

But I’d still like to reach 50,000 words this month, so I knew that I had to start writing something else. That has developed into a triad of strange novellas that share one common thread – they all take place in family restaurants.

After writing a significant chunk of one and outlining another, I am now at 27,188 words. That puts me slightly below par for today, which is 30,000. However, being 2,812 words behind is not that bad. My only concern now is that all three novellas won’t take up 50,000 words. I’ve started preparing myself for that disappointment by telling myself that I will have 3 drafts written in a month, whether I win or not. 🙂

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