Who am I?

  • Sheena
  • Pittsburgh resident
  • Lover of books, anime, gunpla, coffee, and craft beer
  • Poet and fiction writer under the name Miss Macross: Facebook
  • Amateur painter under the name matcha milkshake: Facebook and Etsy
  • Lead singer in a band
  • Co-runner of a community open mic and a girls’ writing workshop
  • Person who apparently¬†likes to keep her schedule packed

I am a writer who recently completed her M.A. in English. For years, I convinced myself that I could never work as a writer. Maybe this is true, but I am sick of not trying. After a few post-undergrad years of working jobs that did not interest me, I found myself writing less than I preferred.

Currently I am halfway through a year of federally-funded volunteer service in a community library. While it is a fulfilling and often fun job, my current salary barely covers my expenses and none of my debts. I also have more free time than I’ve had in years. I’ve taken this as a sign that I need to more seriously pursue my writing. This blog will cover my attempts at finishing, submitting and publishing various works.

What to expect:

  • Book reviews
  • TV show reviews (especially toku, magical girl, and general anime reviews)
  • Academic writing (mainly links and annotated bibliographies about topics in the English field)
  • Personal posts about writing, my life, and balance
  • Writing tips I learn along the way