Exciting Publication News!

2022 has been a year of transitions, one that has brought changes both amazing and otherwise. It certainly hasn’t gone how I expected, but I did achieve one of my goals: publishing my second chapbook! Alien Buddha Press has taken on my chapbook, LATE TIGHT IN A NIGHT SPACE, which can be ordered on Amazon now.

LATE TIGHT IN A NIGHT SPACE by miss macross (Alien Buddha Press, 2022)

Cover designed by Melissa Dias-Mandoly

The poems of Late Tight in a Night Space read like the unlikeliest memory recalls when one finds their mind drifting. The pieces miss macross composes are distinct and vivid, illustrating the way small moments in our familial, platonic, and romantic relationships leave their impact in our minds even though we never expected them to.

Alex Carrigan, author of May All Our Pain Be Champagne: A Collection of Real Housewives Twitter Poetry

This is a small collection of poems written during and inspired by my internal crises of turning 30 and dealing with unchecked mental health issues and my external crises of financial insecurity and relationship drama.

They are poems about a person who is so overly sure of herself but also doesn’t know who she is. As such, I designed this chapbook to feel at somewhat startling turns intimate, hypocritical, and empowered. It’s a self-conscious book laid out to make the reader feel a bit self-conscious as well.

If that sounds like something that you are interested in, I hope you considering reading it!

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