Where I’m At: March 2022

Photo by Wilhelm Gunkel on Unsplash

In my last “Where I’m At” post, I wrote about how excited I was to attend my first AWP conference since 2013. That was February 2020 and I did not end up attending for reasons that are probably obvious. But! It is now March 2022 and I will actually be attending my first AWP since 2013 – this year’s conference in Philadelphia. Once again, I am excited though also more nervous than I was a couple years ago. My social skills are quite rusty…

That said, I have been putting myself out there more lately. From bar trivia nights to submitting to lit mags again, I’m starting to develop a new flow. I’ve also had some fun opportunities recently! I had a blast as a guest in Giant Robot FM, talking about episode 3 of the Macross Plus OVA. I’ll be back to talk about the original Gundam film trilogy in the next few weeks!

Speaking of OVAs, I’m in the process of drafting my Retro OVA Megapost. The list will start fairly small, but I plan to update it regularly!

I’ll end here with one of my most recent publications, shared by the wonderful Sledgehammer Lit: “EVERY COPY OF SUPER MARIO 64 IS PERSONALIZED”

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