Where I’m At: September 2019

Photo by Louis Hansel on Unsplash

In my last update post, I wrote that my goal for August was to select one of my many projects to focus on from now until at least the end of the year. Considering August was a rough month for me schedule-wise and mentally, I’m happy that I gave myself such a small and achievable goal.

I’ve decided to start focusing on completing my first full-length short story collection…which was not one of the three options I listed in the previous post. But I have an itch for fiction at the moment, and while editing some old pieces the other week, I realized that a couple of my older stories have some consistent themes that I’d like to continue exploring. I’ve also joined a writers group that consists entirely of fiction writers who are focused on accountability and tangible goals – two things that I desperately need in order to move on with my writing.

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be taking a couple week break from social media and the internet in general to work on developing my story themes and to get as much free-writing done as I can. But I plan on posting at least one book review by the end of the month – either an urban fantasy or a traditional fantasy novel, neither of which are genres I’ve ever reviewed on this blog!

  • Current drink: Breckenridge Avanlanche Amber Ale
  • Current book: The Witch: A History of Fear, from Ancient Times to the Present by Ronald Hutton
  • Current e-book: Tides of Time by Luna Joya
  • Current music: Sxul – “remember to remember”

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