Where I’m At: June 2019

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

I’m smack in the middle of what has become the busiest month of my year, and it’s going pretty well! Yesterday, I had my biggest performance yet: an hour-long set at the Three Rivers Arts Festival. Compiling that many pieces for such a long set was an arduous task, one that made many poets in my life ask me how the hell I was going to pull it off. It was difficult, but I did pull it off, and now I am done. I am so relieved, and I also feel a great sense of accomplishment.

Speaking of accomplishments, I learned today that I was nominated by the online literary journal The Mantle for the Best New Poets 2019 anthology! It is an amazing and unexpected honor. 🙂

I still have a few more readings this month, and I am also moving to a new place. Performing and moving are two different kinds of stressors. Both are (usually) good, but also (usually) exhausting.

I may fall a bit behind, but I am planning on posting at least one book review this month – another e-book that I received via LibraryThing. If you’re interested in writing book reviews (something that I’ve only started in the past year and that *think* I’m improving on), I definitely recommend looking into LibraryThing as a resource.

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