Where I’m At: August 2018

Photo by Fischer Twins on Unsplash

Happy August! It is a time of great transitions, and I am glad to finally have internet again. I just moved for the first time in four years, which was stressful but also a huge load off my back in many ways; my new apartment is significantly cheaper and smaller, which means that I’ve parted with dozens (if not hundreds!) of items.

I’ve always been fascinated by the minimalist lifestyle. After I finished my undergrad, I intended to go full minimalist. It wasn’t until after I struggled to survive that I realized that a lot of minimalist tips are not poor people-friendly. In particular, just because I wasn’t using something right that moment didn’t mean that I could afford to toss it!

I also grew very disillusioned with the online minimalist community after realizing that a lot of their “solutions” relied on either using their non-minimalist friends or having a lot of money (and for me, that means making more than $40,000/year, an amount I’ve never earned and seems astronomical given my current situation). When I finished school with a buttload of student loans, I was enthralled with articles on folks who paid off their loans in 2 years by living as minimalists. This was ignoring the fact that these minimalists were making at least $60k at their jobs, and were often married to people who made just as much money!

I am experimenting with being a “poor minimalist.” I focus a lot better in an environment with little clutter, but some homes are so small that even essentials can take up a lot of space, which is what I’m facing now. My new place is a glorified studio, with no full-sized closets and no basement storage. In the next month I intend to post an article either on here or on Medium that goes into more detail about my experiences and experiments with living with ~just enough~ on a poverty-level budget.


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