NaPoWrimo: Days 6-16

Photo by Bram. on Unsplash

I’m still doing NaPoWriMo, specifically the #wtwrites challenge. The following poems cover April 6 to April 16. It’s been really hard to write lately (see my last post for info on that), so these are definitely not my best work. Honestly, I’m just impressed with myself that I’ve been writing at all. That’s enough for me.

April 6, 2018

“Reimagine the galaxy & create your own planet”

vindictive/predictive/intergalactic thesaurus
hitchhiker’s guide to the rap galaxy
they rhymed/committed space crimes
made their mamas cry/they went warp in orbit

their hairs were tentacles shaped like rectangles
these blockheads turned orion
into a house party

your mom’s not invited/neither’s the galactic council
they fell to an MC
who carried his rhymes in a poison capsule

[they are buried
on charon
but they hate styx]

April 7, 2018

“Where are your baby teeth?”

my baby teeth/crumbled and dissolved against rough crystals/i turned the dust to paste/dripped essence in the poultice/and smeared it over exposed bones

April 8, 2018

“Create your own tarot card”


[illustration of woman lounging on her side. she is on a lit stage. her hair is larger than the card can fully display.]

acutely aware of her natural talents and supernatural charm,
THE DIVA is also aware that her journey is nearing its end
chilled/consumed, she shields herself with faux fur and snappy comebacks
“who is she?”
she is not ready/ill-prepared/very good at faking it
your supernova is about to explode/relish in its splendor

April 9, 2018

“Letter to your past self”

Listen. Read.
You won’t be a better person until
You start to listen.
You won’t be a better writer until
You start to read.

Say yes and no.
Say yes to you.
Say no to him.
He needs you more
Than you need him
So listen. Read. say no.
And leave.

April 10, 2018

“Hexes and curses”

  1. “Who?”
  2. “Sorry, but your name doesn’t ring a bell?”
  3. “Did I meet you at [place we definitely never met at]?”
  4. “It’s okay, I forget people all the time.”
  5. “Maybe you should try to make more of an impression next time.” 💖

April 11, 2018


this is not for a part of me – but maybe it is.
this is for a person I cared for:
a person who was sunflowers and july bicycle rides who
gave me the fucking denim jacket i was wearing yesterday
when i found out she died.
i’m not okay and when i saw this prompt
all i thought was
this is a joke of the Universe.
she had a great sense of humor.
she’ll never read this poem.
she is this poem.
i miss you so much.

April 12, 2018

“Most recent meal”

last night i drove home from work and opened a beer
i looked in the cupboard and the fridge and decided
i wasn’t hungry
i drank a glass of water because you always reminded us to hydrate
i opened a second beer and decided
i could lose some weight anyway
i finished that beer
and drank another glass of water because you always reminded us to hydrate
i opened a third beer and remembered your embrace of self-care
i toasted some bread and sliced some provolone and tomatoes,
sprinkled a little salt on it
drank a glass of water because you always reminded us to hydrate
wept, waited, slept  

April 13, 2018


stewed tomatoes/stewed carrots
stewed off our asses on pixy stix
stewed, idk how i came up with this
stewed, we were weird fucking kids

April 14, 2018

“Freewrite with closed eyes”

Killer air I vastr sbouy thr esy yout dun drtd snf vkivhrf imsgrty eotkdr brdy ehrn truing to yell you how I geel. This is becayuse I cannot creaye when I am around you I can only steal andcoipy. I can feel. I can break and think bit I cant make something novel and i6w b4fque4 or youu5 [qi45q

You yell stories with you lips and your hair and your fanhed teeth yuou tle stories like garbade spewing from tiyr water u an water u an okaub and dry and  cheese crater bringer of ben in earth there is a ssying that yiut vsnt dsys ytiyr dhiy snf mskr iy s porm I sm noy s porm you str noy s porm I vsnnoy vtrsyr doy smf o nlskmr uoipo ui

Carry this blame hold it om upir shitty closet and after three days oioen the door and find a small body and a scared puppu osode. I jsbre mpyjomh pthooms; yp dsu I have nothing originsl tyo sy

April 15, 2018

“Alternate universe”

islands in the sky
we swim through pink matcha clouds
sip tea on air trains

April 16, 2018

“If your body was a house”

brain serves as basement
hides dirty rotten secrets
glass lungs, hardwood heart
knock if you want to hurt me
my ribcage opens for you

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