NaPoWriMo: Days 1-5

It has been a stressful month for me already, but I’ve looked forward to NaPoWriMo everyday! At first I struggled with inspiration, but quickly found literary and art magazine Winter Tangerine‘s daily Twitter prompts. You can find and try these prompts with the hashtag #wtwrites!

Here’s my first five poems of the month, all inspired by #wtwrites prompts:

Day 1

“Write an ode to your heart”DZuxL80WsAAV8HY

Day 2

“Write about a childhood secret you never told”DZzCGoZXkAAESSJ

Day 3

“If the wound is where the light enters you, how do you heal?”wt3(1)

Day 4

“Write a poem about an object you lost a long time ago, but still remember and miss”wt4

Day 5

“Write about your favorite monster’s self-care routine”wt5

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