Where I’m At: October 2017

Image source: Pixabay

I have officially taken an indefinite hiatus from Geek Volcano – at least when it comes to weekly reviews. I’m still regularly watching (and absolutely loving) Kyuranger, but I am at a point where I need to focus my limited energy and time on the pursuit of paid projects. I still plan on writing a Geek Volcano review for the latest season of Voltron: Legendary Defender, which debuts this weekend!

But in the meantime, I’ve started a new writing focus plan. This plan is three-fold:

Grant writing

This is a genre that I am lacking serious experience in – which is partially due to having a lack of interest in it for quite a while. I have written some letters of interest and rough grant proposals in the past, but only now am I recognizing grant writing as a skill that I need to hone as both a communication expert and a non-profit professional. My job is paying for me to take a month-long advanced proposal writing workshop and I’m stoked! The first workshop was today and I learned a lot…including that my attention span does not like 6-hour long workshops. But still. Learning is good, and learning how to raise money for my non-profit (and maybe one day for my own art) is also good.

Freelance article proposals

While I’m on break from Geek Volcano, I plan on working on at least five article proposals. Submitting ideas for articles to magazines and websites seems like a more daunting task than writing the article itself. But I know at least one website is interested in hearing my proposals for paid pieces, so I need to get cracking.


Yep, I’m taking the dive again this year and doing NaNoWriMo! I have the added incentive of being part of a Come Write In location. The library where I work will be hosting three write-ins and as the only employee whose participated, I am now the resident NaNo Expert! I’ve got a silly plot bunny to work with, and my next blog post will cover the outlining process and NaNo Prep Essentials.

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