My Favorite Beargguy Customs


Out of all of the custom suits in Gundam: Build Fighters/Build Fighters Try, the Beargguy probably gets the most shit. The Beargguy and its many incarnations get even more shit than the typical because it is so cute and silly. It is also the most girly, and the most popular choice for female characters in the series who know little-to-nothing about gunpla. This is a bit bothersome to me as a female gunpla builder who much prefers the more menacing suits in the franchise (as well as some of the stereotypical “ugly” ones, like the Zaku I and II). But it didn’t stop me from buying the Beargguy II kit when it came out, and it didn’t stop me from having a fun time building it. It is also by far the most popular of my kits on display in my apartment. Most of my guests aren’t anime fans, but are always drawn to how cute and ridiculous it is. Those, along with its sheer scale in comparison to other HG kits, makes it stand out among my others.

The Beargguy has probably been customized more than any other gunpla kit out there. There’s a few good reasons for this:

  1. It is cheap, and because it comes with some of its own spare parts it is an even better value
  2. It is an incredibly simple build
  3. It is cute and simple – the simplicity makes it easy to customize, while the cuteness makes it amusing

Here are a few of my favorite custom builds. These are primarily customizations of the HG Bearguy III kit. I know that this kit has been out for a few years, but its still being customized and I think that it is still worth discussing.

1. Open-Hatch Beargguy III


This is my favorite custom. “Open-hatch” customs are a weakness of mine for their attention to detail, and ACOUSTICS/Full Hatch Open Studio is a modeler and builder who specializes in them. You can see their amazing collection on Instagram and their website.

2. Ramba Ral Custom

Source: Amenomi

Ramba Ral is one of my favorite characters in the Gundam franchise, and Mr. Ral in GBF/GBFT is a hilarious but loving tribute to him. This custom, by Amenomi, combines elements of Ral and his beloved Gouf into a pretty adorable Ralgguy. While it looks simple (especially the hair), the details from the mustache to the whip to the little pink tie are impressive.

3. Sailor Moon Custom

Source: ks19870206

For a blog called Magical Girl Cafe, I have yet to post much about magical girls! But I love them as much as I love mecha. The source is modeler ks19870206 on Modelers Gallery. This is the only Sailor Moon Beargguy that I’ve seen, and I think that it is beautifully done. The details from the bows to the shoes are impressive. The only part that I’m not a fan of is how her blonde hair seems wrapped around her face like a lion’s mane. I’d love to see more Sailor Moon Beargguys, though I believe that the Nobel Gundam is a more popular and obvious choice for a SM custom.

4. Dengeki 2014/さん Custom

Source: Yasuhiro Ohtsuka

Holy details! It is always cool when a builder takes a simple kit and makes it look more complex than a Perfect Grade! The pastel pink provides a great contrast to the gritty gunmetal grays and the red, meshed eyes. Builder Yasuhiro Ohtsuka has several more closeups of this awesome custom on Facebook. It is worth looking at all of the little details.

5. Kuma-K Bear Custom

Source: PisanuBH

There’s a few Beargguy customs that feature pilots, like this Iron Man custom (though the main suit may actually be a Acgguy, while the pilot is a Beargguy. I’m not sure!). But this one stands out for it combination of a gritty, creative suit, and an adorable pilot in the form of Rilakkuma. Builder PisanuBH‘s painting skills and technical details are impressive.

6. Bearggemma Sheen

Source: Ayu Mellisa

I’m so glad that builder Ayu Mellisa paid homage to one of the most awesome women of Gundam, Emma Sheen. While (like the Ramba Ral custom) the hair is not perfect, the details on the outfit are amazingly accurate. It seems that along with gunpla, she also builds detailed Gundam cosplay.

7. Mr. Bean Guy

Modeler: Unknown (Probably Satan). Source: Gundam Kits Collection

Okay, I don’t think this is amazing. In fact, I think that this build was a mistake. I just wanted to share this cursed image so that I wouldn’t be alone in having nightmares tonight.

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